Battle Area Rules

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Battle Area Rules

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Battle Area Rules


- Can only be appointed to a job at any village, cannot fight, cannot learn techniques.

Academy student
- Can start fighting from this point, Ninja techniques like long jumps flips and Knowledge can be used,
- Must be with a certain amount of group(class) and a sensei with them, Cannot learn techniques.

- Can learn Techniques from this point (basic ninjutsu only up to D ranks)
- Can have 1 element(cannot change after choosen)

Requirements: Must have graduated and passed graduation test.

- Can choose their second element(cannot change after choosen)
- Allowed for limited techniques if have a special teacher

Requirments: Must have passed the chunin exams.

Special Jounin
- Can be assigned to take care of students and lead teams

Requirments: Must be raised in rank by the Kage.

- Allowed to learn advanced ninja techniques and choose the 3rd element

Requirments: Must have passed the jounin’s test and a member for a month.

S-class ninja
-Allowed to have a entry in learning sealing techniques
-Can learn High level Ninjutsu.
-Will be given a special squad to handle by the kage of the village(not necessary)
-Allowed to start learning Advanced elements.

Requirements: Must have done countless things for the sake of the village. Must be excellent fighter that will be representing the nation whenever needed

-From this point the ninja is able to do his free will, he is not to be considered under the kage however the kage is still above the ninja.
-The ninja basically roam around in search of his purposes for example finding new recruits, companions and attendants.
-The ninja teaches students which he chooses himself.
-Can choose 4th element.

Requirements: Must be a high level ninja which is able to overcome all among his companions, must have great knowledge of techniques, must be set free by the kage.

-Allowed to learn and master forbidden techniques
-Have the control over the village under village elders support.

Requirements: Must be chosen by another kage of the village(should be the elder 1) or chosen by the elders of the village, however public and other ninja's also have the right to vote for the person they consider should be the kage.

Legendary Ninja
-Allowed to choose the 5th and final element.
-The rank can be achieved without permission if reached the required conditions.
-Can keep both Kage(if is a kage) and Legendary Ninja, this rank can be elevated from sannin rank.

Requirements: Must have mastered at least 3 elements, Must have advanced in learning both sealing and forbidden.

-Allowed to advance in completing the journey of techniques.

Requirements: Must have a particular thing to be called sage of it(e.g.; Toad arts, Snake arts, Sage arts,), can be a sage of a particular element, must have mastered the thing and be the best in it from all around to be called the sage of that thing, if u wanna be a sage of something that has been already adopted by someone, then u'll have to surpass the person or fight him for that title

-The final rank a ninja can achieve, now the ninja is among the very few whose name's to be written bold in the legends.

Requirements: Must have mastered all elemental affinities, must have advanced in learning all type ninjutsu/taijutsu/kinjutsu/fuinjutsu, others all around must claim him as a great shinobi/konichi

Battle Rules

- 3 Moves per turn.

- You have to specify the attack with detail.

- You cannot use Jutsus you do not know/haven't learned.

to learn jutsu, u must be taught by a sensei......the current senseis for now r admins and mods.....

Villager - 0 Posts / 10 Chakra / 10 Health
Academy Student - 10 Posts / 100 Chakra / 100 Health
Genin - 60 Posts / 300 Chakra / 350 Health
Chunin - 150 Posts / 500 Chakra / 600 Health
Special Jounin - 500 Posts / 700 Chakra / 750 Health
Jounin - 1,000 Posts / 800 Chakra / 850 Health
Anbu - 1,500 Posts / 850 Chakra / 800 Health
S-Class Ninja - 1,750 Posts / 1,000 Chakra / 1,000 Health
Sannin - 3,100 Posts / 1,200 Chakra / 1,250 Health
Kage - 5,200 Posts / 1,400 Chakra / 1,450 Health
Legendary Ninja - 7,000 Posts / 1,600 Chakra / 1,600 Health
Sage - 10,200 Posts / 1,800 Chakra / 1,850 Health
Sennin - 15,750 Posts / 2,000 Chakra / 2,000 Health
To achieve the ranks it is also necessary to have the post given with the ranks.

E rank;
D rank;
C rank;
B rank;
A rank;
S rank;
Forbidden rank;

the rules r still not complete will be done soon enough
-Dark Sage-

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